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Learn about what we do. If you don't see what you need, give me a call at 609-270-7590, or use the Contact Form. I might not be the right attorney for you, but I am happy to help you find the right representation.

Representing Buyers and Sellers

In Negotiation

Let me help you get to where you want to go...

Schedule an Initial Client Strategy Session to Get Started.

Have Us Review a Real Estate Contract

Real estate broker residential house and

We will review your contract and schedule a Zoom meeting or phone call to discuss all of your questions and educate you about the contract.

Schedule your review and strategy call.

If you need a contract reviewed sooner than an appointment is available please use the Contact Form or call 609-270-7590.

Helping Distressed Property Owners

Young Man with Suit

Hit the Real Estate Reset Button!

Schedule an Initial Client Strategy Session to Get Started.

Have us prepare a New Jersey Real Estate Contract

Real Estate Contract

For those buying and selling without a realtor, commercial transactions and anyone looking to have an attorney's assistance right from the start.

Schedule an Initial Pre-Client Call to Discuss your needs.

Negotiate the Land Use Development Jungle

sale of building plot of land for house

Be prepared to build your dreams with a team of experts.

Schedule a free call to discuss your goals and whether we are the right team for your dreams.

an Estate Plan to Protect Who You Love and What You Have

Schroeder Law Helps With Estate Planning

Protect your real estate and other assets. Prepare a plan to keep your family out of court and conflict.

Now is a great time to take care of these issues, when you are making changes to your real estate positions.

Schedule an Initial Client Strategy Session to Get Started.

Practice Areas: Practice Areas
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